Pink Heals

We are so incredibly happy to share that Ernie’s has recently reached out to help support an extraordinary non-profit organization called Pink Heals.

The Pink Heals Organization is 100% non-profit. They dedicate their time, donations, and efforts towards the betterment of not just one specific disease, but all diseases and illnesses locally. The pink represents their main focus which is to support not only illness but women and their families as well. The organization has many different chapters all over the country, so that each chapter can remain as local as possible.

This organization does not utilize any of the money from donations to sustain itself. They make sure to see that all of the money is put back into the communities and dispersed amongst local non-profits, local research or individuals in the community that raised that money! The event that we had the privilege to participate in was painting a fire truck pink in order to represent the organization, spread the message, and unify the community. The fire truck that we painted was named, “Baylie” whom is the newest edition among the Pink Heals trucks. A plaque is mounted on the side of the fire truck showcasing the dedication for the name Baylie. We were helping the Hays Country Chapter in order to spread local support and bring people together in order to help an amazing cause. Ernie’s is so incredibly humbled and proud to have been part of such a selfless and helpful organization. It was an absolute joy to help bring the community of the Hays County chapter together and raise awareness and money for not just one illness but for all women and their families and all the local researchers and organizations as well. To find out ways to get involved with the Pink Heals Organization see the link below!

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