AC Diagnostics

Are you suffering in the Texas heat without air conditioning in your vehicle? Why wait and suffer another day? Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop offers a broad range of car air conditioning services! We provide a full air conditioning diagnostic service that promises to pinpoint the problem with your system. Our extensive diagnostic allows our employees to confidently identify the issues with your vehicle’s air conditioner. Other body shops might do a quick fix solution that will leave your air conditioner vulnerable to another system failure. Here at Ernie’s, we offer a full line of car air conditioning repair services to ensure that your car’s air conditioner is repaired properly by our trained technicians. Our employees won’t perform temporary fixes. They are committed to our customers and they take the time to properly fix every customer’s problem! Ernie’s car and truck air conditioning services will get you back in your vehicle, out on the road and out of the heat!

Ernie’s strives to provide only great quality services to our customers. Our Ernie’s technicians take great care when diagnosing the possible problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning. We seek to identify the real problem and won’t settle for treating the little symptoms. Initially, our extensive car air conditioning diagnostic will ensure that your system’s problem will be identified properly. Then, our outstanding and expert technicians will ensure that your car or truck’s problem is repaired properly. To get you out of the heat and back on the road, Ernie’s offers car and truck air conditioning repair services guaranteed to demonstrate our commitment to providing quality to our customers! Come see us at Ernie’s to quit suffering in the heat!

Our Repair Services

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