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Auto Repair near Buda Texas

Is it about time to get your car in for a check up? This can sometimes prevent a costly auto repair later on. Just a few checks to your alignment or filters can be all that stands between you driving around town or walking around town.

There are so many places to take your car these days. This has become half of the chore itself. Who should you take your car too? How will you get around while the work is being done? Well, these questions and more can all be answered at one location. Ernie’s Paint and Body can help you with all of your car questions, along with insurance questions, if the need arises, and can even drive you around to pick up an alternate car or continue at work.

The professionals at Ernie’s try to make sure that every customer is treated with the respect of family. For those large auto repair needs, why not take it to Ernie’s. A short drive from Buda Texas can lead you to the best decision you make all day. And auto repair may not be your only need. Ernie’s can help you with many services.

Dent repair
Paint matching and touch up
Car detailing
And so much more

It might just be easier to call one of Ernie’s representatives to get a better feel of what they can do. If you are in need of auto repair or dent removal, Ernie’s can help with it all. Remember; just take it to Ernie’s.

Our Repair Services

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Ernie's Paint and Body offers a variety of great services to help you keep your vehicle in the best shape - inside and out. Click on one of the following services to learn more about what we can do for you!