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Beat the Heat with AC Diagnostics

It’s the middle of a hot summer in Texas, which inevitably means that your car’s air conditioning will pick right now to stop working. Such a pain, right? Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop is here to help! We understand that it’s nearly impossible to drive in the insufferable heat of a Texas summer.

Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop offers AC diagnostics - to help you discover the issue with your vehicle’s air conditioning. At our auto body shop, we are committed to providing exceptional car repair for your vehicle. Our AC diagnostics will help target the issue in your air conditioning. Then, our car repair team can easily fix your AC issue. We’re ready to get you back on the road and out of the heat!

Of course, Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop is prepared for many types of car repairs. AC diagnostics and repair are just one of services we provide at our auto body shop. Of course, at Ernie’s Paint and Body, our team is prepared to help with repairs on cars, trucks, SUVs, and even boats. Our team of experts are also trained to help with dents and car accident repairs, regular maintenance, and other necessary car repairs. Remember, when you need help with your vehicle, take it to Ernie’s!

If you are suffering in the heat this summer, remember Ernie’s and our AC diagnostics and car repair services. Stop by our auto body shop and we’ll get started on your repair. It’s our job to get you back on the road!

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