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Car Body Shop near New Braunfels, TX

There isn’t a car body shop in central Texas like Ernie’s. They will always have your best interests in mind. Ernie’s believes that their customer’s main goal when visiting a car body shop is getting your vehicle taken care of in the most efficient and effective way possible. The services here goes far beyond the typical image that you may have in mind when you are thinking about selecting a car body shop. Ernie’s offers exceptional services near New Braunfels such as towing, consulting, and detailing. Not only can the staff at Ernie’s guarantee that their work will outshine all the others; their customer service is an experience that can’t be forgotten and brings their lifetime customers back for that customer loyalty experience. Ernie’s car body shop offers other services such as detailing your car, windshield repair, and painting your vehicle.

On top of all the numerous services that Ernie’s offers, did you know that they are a car body shop that uses Envirobase paint? They are one of the few shops that will provide shuttle services to pick up a rental vehicle if you may need it. These are only a few reasons why so many residents in New Braunfels, Texas have found the place that they feel safe returning to for an experience that you truly can’t get anywhere else. The staff here believes in the power of customer loyalty and this is the reason why their customer service is phenomenal. When life throws you unusual circumstances and you are forced to find a car body shop near New Braunfels that will meet your expectations and take care of your vehicle in a fast and efficient way, take it to Ernie’s, and when you do, you will go back every time because you will learn that there is no other paint and body shop like theirs.

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