Collision Repair near New Braunfels, TX

Collision repair near New Braunfels, TX – cause accidents happen. Schedule your appointment today!

Owning a car is a lot of responsibility. But you get that. You make sure you have insurance. You’re on top of the maintenance. You even spoil good ol’ Betsy every now and then and get her detailed. But no matter how much you take care of it, we all know that life happens. From the pole that just “popped up out of nowhere” to the careless fender benders, consider Ernie’s Paint and Body as your go-to next time you have the misfortune of needing a collision repair near New Braunfels, TX.

Ernie’s Paint and Body knows that a collision of any kind is a major inconvenience. That is why we try to provide the most convenient services for our customers and for any collision repairs near New Braunfels, TX. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we’ve seen enough wrecks to adequately restore your vehicle to its optimal condition.

So next time you run into a problem (pun intended) let Ernie’s Paint and Body help ease some of your worries. We will work with you to give you a like-new collision repair near New Braunfels, TX. If you are hesitant about choosing Ernie’s keep in mind we offer towing and consultations all designed to give you the best experience for your recent car experience that we’d say is quite the opposite.

Ernie’s Paint and Body aims to provide the highest quality of service for our customers. So be sure to call Ernie’s the next time you may need a collision repair near New Braunfels, TX and let us show you how we can help today!

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