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Dent Removal near Kyle, TX

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Dents can range from small door dings to larger dents from collisions. Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop offers dent removal near Kyle, TX. We’re here to help you fix all of those hard to repair dents! Located in nearby San Marcos, TX, Ernie’s Paint and Body has earned the Best in Hays County award for 2015. We’re happy to show you first hard how hard we work to make our customer service the best experience for you.

What does dent removal mean? It depends on the how major your dent is. For small dents, Ernie’s Paint and Body offers paintless dent repair. This technique is great for hail damage, door dings, and other small dents that haven’t damaged the paint on your vehicle. Dent removal near Kyle, TX doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. The paintless dent repair technique is often less expensive and less labor intensive – saving you money and time!

With those bigger dents from collisions or accidents, Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop can also provide repair services! Our dent removal near Kyle, TX can also tackle those bigger dents. As an auto body shop, Ernie’s can order, repair, and repaint your vehicle. With our advanced paint matching services, you’ll know that you will be satisfied with the outcome and your repair.

Ernie’s is committed to helping you get your vehicle back on the road – quickly! If you are interested in learning more about dent removal near Kyle, TX, feel free to visit Ernie’s Paint and Body in San Marcos. We are happy to help you with your dent removal.

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