Detailing Your Ride Inside and Out

It’s about that time. We know it and you know that your vehicle has seen some better days. The dirt is building up on the outside, and the entire interior is covered in grime. This is when you know that you need the help of professional detailing services. Whether it’s buffing and polishing the paint, or refurbishing the interior, the crew here at Ernie’s Paint and Body are the professionals you have been looking for.

Has your car made it to the point where it looks unrecognizable from when you first purchased it? There’s dirt in every nook and cranny of your vehicle and you just don’t have the time to clean it up. When it comes to professional detailing services, you will find no other place that will go the extra mile for your vehicle than here at Ernie’s Paint and Body.

We will not simply wash the outside of your vehicle. We provide professional detailing service that goes beyond the traditional soap and water routine using only the best quality cleaning products on our customer’s vehicles. We will wash, dry, and wax the exterior of your vehicle. When that is done, we will buff and polish every inch to make sure your car shines.

When it comes to that time where your car is starting to look unrecognizable, that’s when you need to bring it in to the professionals at Ernie’s Paint and Body. Our professional detailing services will make your vehicle look as good as it did the day you drive it off the lot.

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