Did You Know: Mirror Replacements and Other Services

Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop is more than an auto body shop! With our comprehensive automotive services, we are able to provide your vehicle with attention and care at every stage. Although we are known for our collision repairs, we also offer a host of other services for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about our highly sought after non-collision related services.

Mirror Replacements
A broken mirror is how many years of bad luck? Superstitious or not, a broken mirror can lead to major problems with your vehicle. Not being able to properly see all the areas around you while driving could lead some serious accidents – causing even more damage to your vehicle! Luckily, one of Ernie’s top services is mirror replacements. We will professionally cut and match our replacement mirrors to your vehicles exact specifications.

Professional Detailing Service
Need your car looking especially good for an evening out? Or maybe,after a long time without any TLC your vehicle needs a professional cleaning. Either way, Ernie’s team of car experts are ready to get your vehicle looking like new. Our professional detailing service covers the interior and exterior of your vehicle. With our professionals on the job, your vehicle will receive specialized attention and cleaning for the leather seats, fabric areas, and paint. We know how to handle it all.

Car Maintenance Services
Our final non-collision related service is our car maintenance services! Oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks – anything that falls under the routine car maintenance needs is provided in these services. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to perform all of these checks on your vehicle, don’t worry. Our team of automotive experts can help you with these pesky tasks. Save your time for more important things!

For all of your car needs, stop by Ernie’s Paint and Body first! We’re here to help with everything from collision repair to car washing and detailing to regular maintenance needs.

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