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Located in New Braunfels, Texas, Ernie’s Paint and Body is held at the highest name for producing extremely high quality work in auto body repairs. The services that they provide are top of the art and they maintain their reputation of producing the highest quality work by keeping up with the latest equipment. Ernie’s offers services such as collision repair, paintless dent removal, detailing services, AC diagnostics, wheel reconditioning and more. One of Ernie’s specialty services that they offer is their hail damage repair service. One thing about living in Texas is that we never know exactly how bizarre our weather can get. When an unexpected hailstorm occurs in Texas that can be extremely difficult when you don’t have protection covering your vehicle. Vehicles are a huge investment and when hail damages the exterior, upsetting is definitely an understatement. The only thing you will be worrying about is getting your vehicle fixed at an honest and reliable body shop. Lucky for you, Ernie’s offers efficient hail damage repair services so that your vehicle can get back on the road as soon as possible.

The hail damage repair service is not only professional; it also guarantees a timely return of your vehicle so that you can get back to achieving your everyday tasks. This includes ensuring the removal of any dents along with the repair of damage to your vehicle that was affected. Our hail damage repair service will leave your vehicle looking like it never went through the tragedy of a hailstorm and help you get back to traveling in your vehicle. Here at Ernie’s we understand the stress that this kind of event can bring on you but we assure you we are committed to our customers and we strive for effective and timely repairs to your vehicle.

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