Keeping Drivers on the Road with Wheel Repair

When you think about your vehicle, most likely the last thing you think about is your wheels. However, your wheels are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle because they are what comes in contact with the road. Without good wheels, your vehicle would stand no chance of driving well. Whether it’s wheel conditioning or wheel alignments, Ernie’s Paint and Body in San Marcos, TX is here for you when you need a wheel repair. Don’t drive with wheels that aren’t 100%. Make sure to come in and get them checked out today.

Now you may be wondering, why would I even need wheel reconditioning? What would that do for me? Wheel reconditioning is taking older, worn out tires and restoring them to a newer condition. First, we will select a gently used wheel. This selection process includes an inspection of the used wheel’s frame work. Once we have determined that the used wheel is safe to recondition, our technicians will practically return the wheel to new. Our wheel repair techniques have been keeping drivers safe for many years now. There is no need to drive around on unsafe tires when you can easily get them fixed. Wheel alignments are another big issue that people have with their vehicles. Improperly aligned wheels can cause an unnecessary strain on your vehicle, result in higher fuel usage, increase the wear and tear on your tires, and jeopardize your safety.

Ernie’s Paint and Body knows how much time our customers spend driving in their vehicles. We want to ensure that you stay safe out on the road. Our wheel repair technicians strive to give you the most comfortable and safe ride possible. If you start feeling like there is something wrong with your wheels, then stop on by and let us check it out.

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