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New Braunfels Collision Repair

Have you suffered from a collision recently and don’t know what to do now. I may have a suggestion for you. Take it to Ernie’s. If your car has any dents, dings, or scrapes, then Ernie’s Paint and Body can help you get your car looking like new and back out on the road.

New Braunfels Collision Repair choices can be confusing at times, especially during the stressful occasion of a wreck. Ernie’s Paint and Body has been well reviewed and has been an industry leader in their community for 30 years. Hopefully this will help you make the decision on whom to trust your car with.

Ernie’s Paint and Body can also have your car towed directly to their lot at any time, even in the middle of the night. This service has been put into place with the customer in mind. If you need New Braunfels Collision Repair, then know that you can always “Take it to Ernie’s”.

Ernie’s Paint and Body uses the newest techniques for dent removal to have a less invasive repair of your vehicle. Paintless dent removal can provide a quality repair with no welding or chance of mismatched paint jobs. If painting is necessary in the instance of a scrap on the side of your vehicle, Ernie’s paint department will match the color and have the scrape look like it never even happened. How is that for New Braunfels collision repair?

If you happen to find yourself in an accident that leaves your vehicle in a different shape than you went into the wreck, then Ernie’s Paint and Body will work with you, and your insurance, to be sure that we can make it like new. Have trust and assurance and take it to Ernie’s Paint and Body.

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