Paint and Body near Lockhart, TX

Located in Lockhart, Texas, Ernie’s Paint and Body offers an extensive line of Paint and Body services so that every customer is able to customize their vehicles to their liking. All of the employees that work for Ernie’s truly value obtaining the opportunity to fully grasp the big vision that you may have for your vehicle. They will even help you develop a vision that you might have even known you had.

Ernie’s wants to help all of their customers gain a full paint and body custom service so that your vision for your vehicle can become a reality through the right help and direction. All of the skills that the employees at Ernie’s envelope are all skills that can directly benefit the customization of your vehicle and the standards that you may have. On top of having a full paint and body custom service, Ernie’s also offers several other features such as Collision Repair.

When you need collision repair, you are likely in a state of shock and need to get the best services as soon as possible for the post-accident trauma. Here at Ernie’s we can take out all of the dents, cover up the scrapes and dings, and even detail your car. Let us help you forget about that terrible accident that you had by placing your vehicle in great hands and letting the team here at Ernie’s take care of your collision repair. Ernie’s Paint and Body offers several services that are beneficial to everyone and their vehicles. These two are just a couple of the exceptional services. Come to Ernie’s and let us take care of all of your vehicle’s needs.

Our Repair Services

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