Pin striping, Painted, and Tape

Are you not completely satisfied with the exterior look of your vehicle? Perhaps you are looking to subtly customize your car or truck with a pin striping detail? Whether you want paint or tape based pin-striping services, Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop is here to help! Ernie’s offers an extensive line of pin striping services so that you can have the custom pin stripe designs of your dreams! Aren’t sure on an exact design? Our Ernie’s employees will take the time to build a custom design with you! Our quality pin stripe paint, carefully applied by our trained technicians, will ensure that your design comes to life! Ernie’s also uses pin-striping tape in our designs, for those that are interested in utilizing this subtle technique. Regardless of the type of pin striping you select, our dedicated employees will work with you to perfectly customize your car’s pinstripe design!

Ernie’s technicians are highly trained in order to provide only top quality services for our customers! We will take the time to understand your pinstripe design, or work with you to develop a design. Our skilled employees will be able to offer advice and recommendations on the method most appropriate medium for your design, either paint or tape based pin striping or even a combination of the two techniques. Then, our dedicated technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s pin striping is completed to your satisfaction! We want your design to be exactly how you envisioned it! Here at Ernie’s we understand what your car or truck means to you! Our pin striping services will give you the customization you desire!

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