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Professional Detailing Service near Lockhart, TX

Ernie’s Paint and Body, located near Lockhart Texas has been providing top of the line quality work to every customer that they come in contact with since 1983. Ernie’s offers practically every service that can benefit each and every one of their customers to ensure customer loyalty and secure that relationship to keep the customers coming back every time they need assistance with their vehicle.

Their services include paintless dent removal, professional detailing service, wheel alignments, hail damage repair, glass replacement and much more. Their professional detailing service is one of a kind. They don’t just take care of the exterior of your vehicle, but they also make sure to take care of the interior as well. They will make sure to not only wash and dry the exterior of your vehicle, but they make sure to wax it as well until they see fit.

Ernie’s never settles for mediocre work, they are always striving to be the best so their professional detailing service includes the detailing of the interior of your vehicle as well. The employees will make sure not to miss any of the dirt that is between your seats or in any small crevices that your vehicle may have. Every employee at Ernie’s cares about their employees that they come in contact with everyday and they are committed to making sure that their customers receive top of the line service every time they decide to take their vehicles to Ernie’s. The results of seeing the difference between how your vehicle looked when it came into the shop and how it will look when you leave, is phenomenal. Next time you need your vehicle detailed, don’t forget to keep Ernie’s professional detailing service in mind, so that your car can get the respect that it deserves.

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