Repairing the Damage done by Hail

When it comes to hail in San Marcos, TX, you don’t see it that often. There’s very few times in the year were hail is even a possibility. However, when it does hail, that hail normally does a lot of damage to people’s property. The one thing that gets damaged the most during hailstorms is people’s vehicles. Their vehicles get dented, scratched, and the glass normally gets shattered. Whenever this happens to you, make sure to contact Ernie’s Paint and Body for our hail damage repair.

Hail damage can be a pain to deal with, especially when it destroys your windows. Very often we have customers coming in needing full glass replacements for their front, side, and back windows. It’s always best to get that replaced as soon as possible. Major damage to your vehicle’s windows can lead to water damage to the interior of your car and even cause distractions while driving. It may be a hassle for you to deal with, but luckily our glass replacement technicians can get the job done in no time. We will have your windows looking as good as new before you know it. Just like glass replacements, mirror replacements are a big hit during hailstorm season. It’s not safe to drive around with broken mirrors or without mirrors at all. If ever you get caught without mirrors, make sure to bring it into Ernie’s Paint and Body and we will get those replaced on the spot. Hail damage repair might not be the biggest thing to worry about throughout the entire year, but when it does happen, we know that you’ll be happy we are around.

Whenever you are in need of hail damage repair, make sure to contact Ernie’s Paint and Body to get your vehicle looking good as new. Don’t wait and let the damage get even worse; call in or stop by today.

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