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Summer Safe: All About Wheel Alignments

Before you venture off into the unknown this summer, make sure your vehicle is prepared to get you there! While there are lots of important aspects to look into for road trip safety, wheel alignments are one of the most important areas to check.

Wheel alignments involve the adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension. However, improper alignment can impact your wheels in a few big ways. First, your wheels may develop uneven wear and tear, leaving them more susceptible to blow outs. Additionally, uneven wheel alignment may lead to difficult handling of your vehicle. It could even begin pulling to one direction or causing your steering wheel to vibrate.

An auto body shop, like Ernie’s, is able to realign your wheels and fix your suspension problems. However, if your wheels also need to be repaired or replaced, wheel conditioning could be your solution. Wheel conditioning can only be performed on wheels that have not been too badly damaged. An auto body shop will have to determine if the damage caused to your wheels is within the safe boundaries to repair.

Remember to consider the state of your vehicle before you leave for a trip. It’s the best way to stay summer safe. Don’t just check your vehicle’s fluid levels and engine. Your tires and wheel alignment are just as important. If your vehicle’s tires have been damaged by improper alignment, wheel conditioning could be a solution.

Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop is your first stop before leaving for your summer road trip. We’ll check the health of your vehicle from tires to engine! All you have to do is remember Ernie’s!

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