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Wheel Alignment

Is your car or truck pulling to one side while you drive? Have you noticed uneven wear and tear on your tires? Your vehicle’s wheels could be out of alignment. Improperly aligned wheels can cause an unnecessary strain on your vehicle, result in higher fuel usage, increase the wear and tear on your tires, and jeopardize your safety. To minimize these problems, Ernie’s Paint and Body Shop offers a complete front and rear wheel alignment service for your car or truck. We will first check the wheel alignment of your vehicle’s front and rear wheels, from there we can correct for any problems our technicians may find. Don’t let improper wheel alignment cost you your money or safety! If you neglect to realign your wheels and ignore the symptoms of improper alignment, then major damage could occur to your tires, your vehicle or you. Come in and ask about our wheel alignment services today!

Ernie’s knows how much time our customers spend driving in their vehicles. We want to ensure that you stay safe out on the road! Improperly aligned wheels lead to uneven wear and tear on tires. If left untreated, this symptom of improper alignment could easily result in one of your tire’s blowing out! Our Ernie’s technicians are extensively trained to ensure the highest quality for all of our services, including our front and rear wheel alignment service. We will provide an accurate wheel alignment check for your vehicle and correct for any alignment problems found. With your wheels in proper alignment, your vehicle will not only be safer, but more efficient! Ernie’s cares about our customers. Let Ernie’s help you stay safe!

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