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Why Your Car Needs A Professional Detailing Service

The best way to keep your car or truck looking new is to keep it clean! The buildup of dirt and grime both inside and outside your vehicle can deteriorate at your interior seats, damage your dials, eat away at your paint, and more. Of course, we know you do your best to keep your vehicle clean. But, with such a busy life and schedule in Wimberley, how often do you find the time to go all out and really clean every aspect of your car?

Ernie’s is here to help you save a little time and lengthen the life of your vehicle. As professional auto repair technicians, we know the best way to clean every part of your car or truck without damaging the interior or exterior. Our professional detailing service is perfect for those of you in Wimberley, TX- It’s time to clean your car right!

As a part of our professional detailing service, the interior of your car will be clean, shampoo-ed, vacuumed, washed, shined, and treated. We cover everything from upholstery to leather to built-in navigation and video screens. We’ll remove make-up buildup form those pesky areas, treat stains, and then- we go to the outside.

The exterior of your vehicle will be cleaned, polished and buffed with our professional detailing services. We move from wheels to roof and everything in between, which even includes inside your fuel door! We are professionals- and detail matters. Additionally, we’ll spend time buffing out those little scratches or marks and return your vehicle to like-new!

But, if you’re not done yet, while we have you car in—shop and clean, let us add a little edge and detail with our pin striping services. Remember, your vehicle would need to be this clean for us to really get those pin stripes on correctly. Tackle two birds with one very clean stone! Contact us to get your vehicle cleaned professionally. No more drive through car washes please.

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