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Windshield Replacement and More: More Than Just Auto Body

Everyone knows Ernie’s Paint and Body located right near Wimberley, TX provides repair services for the body of your car! However, sometimes in car accidents or through damage by nature, other areas of your car are damaged as well. Here, we break down three of our most popular areas of repair that AREN’T the body of your vehicle!

Windshield Replacement
We’ve all been there, or know someone who has. One moment you’re driving down the road. The next minute a rock has managed to chip your windshield. Then, a bump in the road turns that small chip into a major crack and you know you’ll need your entire windshield replaced. Whether it was a flying rock, hail damage, or a car accident that’s caused damage to your windshield, Ernie’s team is ready with our windshield replacement services. Remember,windshields protect you from the weather while driving, and the longer you wait the more damage will be created. Get your windshield replaced quickly and easily with our team.

Window Repair
Much like our windshield replacement services, our window repair helps with those accidental car window damages. However, often with windows, small chips can be repaired if caught before they grow. If your window has sustained too much damage, then our team can also help with a window replacement. As always, our team will provide top quality service with custom cut pieces designed exactly for your vehicle.

Mirror Replacements
Breaking a mirror might be seven years of bad luck, but driving with a broken mirror can be even worse! Broken mirrors can obstruct your vision and cause other issues while driving. Luckily, our team is ready for mirror replacements as well. These pieces are cut exactly for the shape needed for your car- as you may have noticed no two manufacturers or model years look the same.

If you’ve had damage sustained to your windshield, windows, or mirrors, remember that Ernie’s doesn’t just fix auto body damages. Make the short drive from Wimberley, TX to our shop for your quick repairs!

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