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You May Need Wheel Alignments in San Marcos, TX (And Not Know It)

Feel like you’re always having to replace your tires? Suffered from a seemingly random blow out? There may be a bigger issue than regular wear-and-tear on your tires. Your wheels may be out of alignment!

The Causes
After your vehicle has been in an accident, you should check your wheel alignments. However, even seemingly minor accidents, like hitting a curb or a large pothole, can throw off the alignment of your wheels. Of course, how can you tell if your vehicle is out of alignment?

The Symptoms
If you ask Ernie about what he looks for when checking for wheel alignments in San Marcos, TX, he’ll likely tell you a few key areas. First, abnormal tire wear. If you are seeing excessive wear on the outsides or insides of your tire, your vehicle may be out of alignment. Consequently, if you experience an unexpected blow out on a new or like-new tire, it may be due to abnormal wear-and-tear and improperly aligned wheels.

Another big indicator that you should consider wheel alignments in San Marcos, TX is a pull from your steering wheel. If your vehicle appears to be pulling to one side or the other, or isn’t level when driving, it could mean a big alignment issue. Additionally, your steering wheel may remain at an angle in order to drive straight.

Take Action
What can you do to fix your wheel alignments in San Marcos, TX? Take it to Ernie’s! Our team of experts will test your car, look at all the major areas, and listen to your experiences driving your vehicle before we start work. We’ll understand the issue – and we won’t just try and sell you new tires. If you feel like your vehicle isn’t quite right, let the Ernie’s team test your wheel alignments in San Marcos, TX.

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